Tri-Dim Unveils New Tri-Sorb Filter to Combat Solid and Gaseous Pollutants

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LOUISA, VA (January 16, 2020) – Tri-Dim Filter Corporation, a member of the MANN+HUMMEL Group, introduced a new carbon v-cell, MERV 15 air filter that builds upon the company’s growing sustainability initiatives.

The “Tri-Sorb V M15” filter defends against both solid and gaseous pollutants and meets MERV 15 standards. It offers low static pressure with high removal efficiency, and features 11.5 lbs of carbon in a 24 x 24 x 12” filter. Unlike most carbon filters, Tri-Sorb V M15 utilizes a smaller mesh size, which exposes more of the carbon’s surface area to the air flow. This larger open surface area translates into a higher removal efficiency of airborne molecular contaminants.

“Featuring an all-plastic frame and securely-sealed media, the new Tri-Sorb V M15 is robust enough to handle the most demanding applications,” said Duane Colwell, Director of Marketing for Tri-Dim. “One of the key features of this new filter is its easy retrofit design, making it very easy to retrofit into existing HVAC systems. It allows a facility manager to easily combat reoccurring odors around loading docks, landing pads and other changing applications.”

As part of MANN+HUMMEL’s larger sustainability efforts, the Tri-Sorb V M15 features no metal components, allowing it to be incinerated, reducing landfill waste. It also boasts a long service life, which contributes to the company’s green initiatives.  Click this PDF for more information:  Tri-Sorb v M15 Brochure

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