Tri-Dim to Exhibit at Lift & Co. Cannabis Business Conference

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  • One-stop shopping experience for legal cannabis growers: Clean air and water solutions for best growing conditions.
  • HVAC filtration solutions optimize indoor air quality parameters
  • Exhaust air filtration reduces cannabis odor, VOC’s and cross-contamination
  • Reverse osmosis purifies the water, enables growers to control nutritional elements
  • Digital monitoring platform optimizes the process, saving time & money

Tri-Dim Filter Corporation, as part of the global MANN+HUMMEL Group, will exhibit at the upcoming Lift & Co. Cannabis Business Conference in Toronto, Ontario from June 6-9 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

“As part of the world’s largest filtration company, we know a thing or two about the importance of air and water quality,” said Sean Cromie, President & General Manager of MANN+HUMMEL Life Sciences & Environment business unit. “With our Tri-Dim air filtration solutions, MICRODYN-NADIR water purification modules, and our innovative digital solutions, we are the one-stop shop for growers of all sizes.”

MANN+HUMMEL’s entrance as a filtration solutions supplier into the legal cannabis market comes as medical & recreational marijuana sector is booming, becoming much more readily available to consumers due to the passing of cannabis legislation in Canada and many U.S. states. Worldwide consumer spending is expected to reach $31.3 billion by 2022.

“The essential elements to produce a high-quality yield come only from purified air and water,” said Graham MacDonald, Vice President and General Manager of Tri-Dim Canada. “Through our product offering, we enable growers to manage and control the specific nutritional needs of their crop. With our carbon-activated filter media, growers can combat factors that can negatively affect the growing environment, such as odor and various Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Moreover, our state-of-the-art particle and HEPA filters effectively prevent cross-contamination.”

The filtration and purification solutions will be featured in Tri-Dim’s booth #327 at the Lift & Co. Cannabis event in Toronto this week. Tri-Dim Filter Corporation, a reputable leader in the air filtration market, joined the MANN+HUMMEL Group in August 2018 and has been experiencing rapid growth over the past 12 months. Tri-Dim is now taking steps to enhance their portfolio with the addition of MANN+HUMMEL’s digital solutions portfolio, enabling customers to proactively manage their clean air and HVAC system operation.

“With our recent expansion into digital monitoring solutions, we can offer unrivaled technological services for large cultivation facilities, or those who simply want to grow their business,” said Duane Colwell, Director of Marketing for Tri-Dim. “Through our innovative sensor technology, we can provide accurate and near real-time data on the air factors within a growing environment, optimizing air quality parameters. We are incredibly excited to offer our customers a one-stop shopping experience for innovative filtration products and cutting-edge digital monitoring solutions, ensuring superior air quality, purified water and thus simply the best growing conditions for their crops.”

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