Extended Surface Box Filters

Tri-Cell ASHRAE rated rigid air filter offers high efficiency filtration, and is designed for use in “variable air volume” and turbulent systems. Tri-Dim’s method of sealing the media pack to the supporting frame prevents the possibility of particulate migration around the filter media by sealing the media on all four sides.
The Tri-Cell MIF’s robust construction enables it to withstand the extraordinary operating parameters associated with centrifugal compressors, gas turbines and engines where severe pulsing and surging can occur, in either airflow direction.
The Tri-Cell HT (High Temperature) Filters are specially designed for applications that demand high efficiency filtration in a high temperature environment – such as an automotive finishing oven.

Special Sizes
Variety of Frame Styles – Single Header, Double Header

Tri-Dim Filter Categories
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)