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COVID-19 has certainly grabbed the attention of the world, governments and financial markets over the past weeks. The coronavirus, specifically COVID-19, is a respiratory disease and much of what is currently known about it and how it spreads is based on what we know about similar viruses—that it is spread from human-to-human through two main methods: airborne and surface contact.

COVID-19 Strategies

Even though air filtration is not the silver bullet to stop the COVID-19 outbreak it is an important component of any Coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) response.  The CDC states that the main transmission method is through airborne droplet nuclei which confirms the importance of air filtration in the prevention of cross infection.


Tri-Dim’s portable air cleaner, TRI-KLEEN 500UV, features a HEPA filter, as well as a UV-C Germicidal Light to increase the effectiveness of air cleaning from pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.  But the TRI-KLEEN 500UV is more than just a HEPA air cleaner  with UV protection.  It also features an optional flex duct and collar, which can achieve either negative or positive air pressure in a particular space.  Closed-off rooms can be continuously cleaned of particles in circulation mode, which significantly improves the air quality.  For more details, visit the TRI-KLEEN product page.

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