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Tri-Dim offers a complete line of HVAC related services from simple filter changing service to mold remediation to paint booth services to complete IAQ remediation.

Tremendous Product Variety

Tri-Dim is a full line manufacturer of HVAC filtration products. Our product line ranges from Cleanroom Filtration to roughing or pre-filters to our Environmental Series filters.

Dedicated Customer Support

Tri-Dim’s dedicated Customer Service Department is available to assist in order entry, problem solving, shipment status, expediting rush orders and more.

With Tri-Dim Digital Suite, achieve clean air at the lowest possible operational and environmental cost.

Manage your air quality, filter service life and ventilation system in real time and make Indoor Air Quality your building’s asset.
Tri-Dim Commercial and Industrial Filters

The first step in filter selection is to determine what the objective is for the filtration system. What is the ‘target’ particle size for the application? As an example the ‘target’ particle size in most health care facilities is one micron because 99% of all known bacteria are one micron larger.

Once the objective has been determined our ASHRAE 52.2 Test Report will be useful in determining which MERV efficiency will remove the target size particles. More detailed efficiency numbers can be found in the ASHRAE 52.2 Test Report. Filters with a MERV 13 and higher typically utilize a prefilter to maximize their service life and minimize cost.

Tri-Dim can help in the process of filter selection by having one of our factory-trained sales representatives assist in the process of identifying the ‘target’ particle size and then develop those identified objectives into a filtration protocol. Tri-Dim offers this service free of charge.

Tri-Dim Category A
Cleanrooms, Radioactive materials, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Carcinogenic materials
Orthopedic surgery

Tri-Dim Category B
Hospital inpatient care, General surgery, Smoking lounges, Superior commercial buildings

Tri-Dim Category C
Superior residential, Better commercial buildings, Hospital laboratories

Tri-Dim Category D
Commercial buildings, Better residential, Industrial workplaces, Paint booth inlet air

Tri-Dim Category E
Minimum filtration, Residential, Window air conditioners

The Tri-Pleat Series is available in a variety of styles, thickness’s, and efficiencies to meet the needs of your demanding applications

Final Filters
Extended Surface Bag Filters, Extended Surface Box Filters, V-Cell Extended Surface Filters, Thin Line Filters

High Efficiency
Micro-Cell Series filters provide 95% initial efficiency on 0.3-micron particles

Gas Phase
Assorted Carbon Filters, Carbon Pleats, Carbon Box Filters

Spray Booth
Intake Filters, Exhaust Filters, NESHAP

Tri-Dim offers ULTRA-GREEN filters and a complete line of HVAC related services

Air Cleaners
Mist Collection Systems, Portable Air Cleaners, Portable Air Cleaners – HEPA and Germicidal UV, Above Ceiling Air Cleaners, Electric Enclosure Filter

ASHRAE Filter Housings, HEPA Filter Housings, Gas Phase Housings

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